Tailgate 2018

We offer 4 packages:

1—JV pack serves 4-6 people, perfect for the family!

2—Varsity pack serves 6-10, for friends and family!

3—College pack serves 10-20, it’s a party in a bag!

4—Ask about our Pro Package; we’ll bring the truck to you!

All our tailgate package can be customized to include choices from the following:


--pulled pork pull-aparts

--Sweet Kansas City chicken thighs

--pork tenderloin

--Smoked Salmon

--Sliced brisket



--Creamy cole slaw

--Gooey pepper-jack warm-you-up mac and cheese

--Potato Salad

--Baked Beans



--Spicy mixed nuts

--Cowboy Caviar

--chopped brisket dip with pesto, artichoke, or sun dried tomato

--olives, pickles and peppers



--Apple Crisp

--oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

--quick breads

Seasonal party specials every week, just ask!